About Us

when it comes to our home we can get very protective ,after all is the place we need to feel protected from the outside world and be with our loved ones , our home is where so much memories happens , Christmas , thanksgivings , gathering family and so many other things that we can be great full for , but our home ages just like our cars do , just like everything else , they need maintenance and updates , after all is the most important place in our life , but when it comes down to actually get to it and do something , it can get very frustrating , with so many materials ,so many different arguments , design elements and at the end of the hassle is to find a contractor and a person that you can be trusted with your home , during the years of society enlargement many thing have been misplaced including people themselves , we deal with so many Hippocrates that hide behind their masks and try to gain your trust ,but when it comes to my home i don't want to deal with a sales man who is just trying to sell me something and is just filing another position in life to make money and in reality cant care less about what i end up with and just sees me as a dollar sign , what if the contractor runs away with my life saving of hard earned money ,and so many other thoughts that just make this transition so much harder and horrifying than it can be , well before you go though all that i just describe , i have simple suggestion, come and visit our small but cozy showroom , and meet with ME not us , just me , i ,as the owner of california kitchen gallery will help you through this journey , i don't have sales mans , because that's not what we are about , we are not here to sale you things , i am here to make an impression to make a portfolio , to make friends , to leave something behind after we all gone, to make a good memory in your mind , the most important thing to me is your satisfaction ,but usually my satisfaction is harder to gain then my clients , we take pride in what we do and we are one of the best in this trade , i believe i been blessed with my vision and skills to make a difference and put smiles in my clients face and i believe the money is not important and it comes by it selves if you just believe in what you do , what ever that is ,so please take moment and give us a visit if you thinking of doing any updates to your home , we carry a large selection of all up to date cabinets , counters , tiles , flooring and more , i can help you from the beginning to end , with the design , selection of the materials , and getting the project done , you absolutely need no one else , we promise fair prices and top quality service and materials all under one roof , we only accept limited projects so we can be on top of everything and provide our clients with premium quality V.I.P experience , i will spend as much as necessarily time with you to make sure everything turns out just how you imagined and better , unlike many designers i won't be pushing you to choose what i like , i will guild you to the right direction and let you make the best choice , there is no pressure what so ever and we move forward once you absolutely ready and confidant to move forward , hi ,my name is sam , i am your local contractor and i am here to serve you